For my thesis, titled Fervor Forest, I have created an interactive game platform piece in which the virtual environment is affected by color recognition from an external individual. The environment consists of a forest with an abandoned cabin. Projected onto a wall, one individual can move around the scene and explore the sounds and imagery. Another individual stands in front of the camera controls the environment by presenting different colors.


Depending on their shirt color or an object held to the camera, the forest environment will change. If the individual shows the color yellow, the clouds will clear, the sun will shine, and birds can be heard. If the individual displays blue, the sky darkens, and it begins to rain. If they are wearing red, the cabin will catch fire, and if they show the color orange the wind will pick up and howl through the trees.


The entire visual is created using Unreal Engine 4, while the color recognition is done using Processing, a Java-based software.  The piece is a visual demonstration of how others can affect our experience and outlook on life. This is a concept that is true for in-person relationships as well as virtual relationships.